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Our Aircraft - Cessna 150 Aerobat, Sling 2 LSA, Tecnam P2008 and Piper Arrow

Here at Sydney Flying Academy, you will undertake your pilot course in our reliable Cessna 150 series aircraft or upgrade to the Sling 2 LSA or Tecnam P2008. Designed to be one of the most practical and desirable light sport aircraft on the market, the Sling 2 and Tecnam P2008 has all the qualities required to fulfil the needs of our Sydney flying school. The Cessna 150 series is one of the most widely available and used training aircraft on the Australian market today. Want to travel somewhere? Easily find these popular aircraft for private hire at most flight training schools across the country.

Just some of the many features which make the Cessna, Tecnam P2008 and Sling 2 LSA perfect for our aviation courses in Sydney include, highly responsive controls, proven strength, excellent instrumentation options and wide cockpit along with spectacular all round view. Our Sydney flying school instructors know you will love the Cessna series, Sling 2 LSA, Tecnam P2008 and Piper Arrow experience, as much as we do!

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Sling 2 LSA, Tecnam P2008 and Foxbat A22LS available for Private Hire

Here at our Sydney flying school, we know you will love flying our aircraft private hire in Sydney. So, whether you want to go on a short holiday or simply take a joy ride into the sunset, if you hold a current Recreational Pilot’s Certificate (RPC), our Private Hire service makes flying anytime, a breeze!

Contact our pilot training school in Sydney, to find out how easy it is to hire our professionally maintained Sling 2 LSA, Tecnam P2008 or Foxbat A22LS.