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29th Jun 2023

How to Pay For Flying Lessons

Gaining your pilot licence and undertaking pilot licence training is incredibly fun and rewarding, but with any hobby or passion it can come at a cost. Here are some ideas on how to pay for your dream of learning to fly!

19th Jun 2023

Sydney Flying Academy Fleet: The Sling 2 LSA Trainer

When you’re undertaking aviation training, there are a number of factors that matter to ensure you get the most out of your training - like flying a great aircraft! Let's take a look at SFA's Sling 2 LSA.

8th Jun 2023

How It Works: Recreational Pilot Licence

If you’ve ever aspired to be a pilot - professionally or recreationally - the Recreational Pilot Licence is the best place to start. Are you ready for aviation adventures?

1st Jun 2023

How It Works: RPL Navigation Endorsement

Are you ready to go on aviation adventures out of Sydney, or anywhere in Australia? Time to complete your Navigation Endorsement training!