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Flight Experiences

Strap yourself in and get ready to pilot a Sling 2 LSA. If you are just starting out, wanting to fly solo or looking to give your friends or collegues an experience of a lifetime, our Bankstown flying school has a flight experience package to get you flying high!

SFA Starter Package

Learn basic flying skills with our SFA Starter Package flight experience in Sydney. Gain a true understanding of how airplane’s fly and the actions necessary to manoeuvre a recreational aircraft.

First Solo Package

If your dream is to take to the skies on your own, obtain the skills and training required to go solo with our First Solo Package.

Package Total: AUD $6,499.00

Corporate/Birthday Package

Gift your friends, family or collegues with an excillerating flight experience in Sydney. Our flying school offers “custom” and “pre-set” flying packages to cater for your business and leisure events.

Package Total (Incl GST): AUD $949.00 (min 4 people)

Airline Cadetship Flying Preparation Course

If your dream to become an airline pilot, obtain the skills and training required for the technical skills part of your interview this course is for you!