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Night VFR Rating

A Night Visual Flight Rules rating (NVFR) enables the holder to fly an airplane into the evening anywhere in Australia. This will broaden your privileges capability to exercise flight plans. The course follows the CASA schedule, it will acquaint you with different methodology of flying circuits, Instrument flying and navigation using ground-based navigation aids. It will also enable you to view Sydney’s stunning citiscape and landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge from a different perspective. NVFR also known as the night rating course is one of the most sought by private pilot license holders to allow you to fly after end of daylight in Sydney.

Prerequisites: minimum of PPL

Package Total: $5,159


Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course the pilot will have greater flexibility in planning navigations which will end after daylight especially in the winter months. In addition to this, the pilot will further their knowledge in calculation of obstacle clearance using navigation aids and assess this in conjunction with weather.

Choose from:

Full Time - 2 weeks     |     Part Time - 4 weeks


Your Syllabus of Flight Training will include:

  • 10hrs of Flight Training Dual

Your Syllabus of Theory will cover:

  • 5hrs of Flight Training Briefings

What's Included

10x Hours Dual Night Total

5x Night VFR Briefings

5x Hours Dual Cross Country (at least 2 flights, each must have 1 away landing at aerodrome that is remote from extensive ground lighting)

1x Hour Solo Night Circuit

ATC Night VFR Textbook

Aircraft Checklist


If you require accomodation we can make arrangements on your behalf. Contact us for more information.
*Note: Accomodation costs are not included.

Payment Plans     

Night VFR Rating AUD $5,159

Full Time
AUD $2,583.50 per week
for 2 weeks

Part Time
AUD $1,293.75 per week
for 4 weeks


Theory Briefings AUD $132/hr

Then pay as you fly at a rate of AUD $399/hr dual Cessna or upgrade to AUD $529/hr dual Piper Arrow



Handypay offers SFA Students simple and affordable finance options for your course.

With either weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.  

·  $2,000 to $75,000

·  Payment Terms 1 - 7 years

·  Flexible repayments

·  No monthly or exit fees

·  No early repayment fees

·  Get approval in minutes

·  Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen

·  An enquiry will not impact your credit score


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Ancillary Fees (approx.)

Flight Test AUD $990
Maps, ERSA, software AUD $150
Headset Hire AUD $25



Landing Fees AUD $25
Additional Flying hours as required (competency based)